Agronomy Services

We understand the importance of crop productivity balanced with long-term sustainability. Our full-service agronomy team is committed to helping farmers achieve their goals. Whether you need crop consulting, application services, or the latest precision ag technology, you can trust Top Ag to help you make the most of each crop year.

Our applicators are certified by the Illinois Department of Agriculture, and we employ certified crop advisors to provide valuable advice.

Field Operation Services

Maximize your yields by entrusting us to meet your needs in the field. We offer top-of-the-line equipment and partner with other local ag vendors to provide quality operation services for customers throughout the region.

Our Operation Services:

  • Dry Fertilizer Spreading
  • NH3 Application
  • Lime Spreading
  • Aerial Application
  • Crop Protection Application

Precision Services

As farming technology continues to evolve, utilizing precision technology is key to staying competitive by maximizing yields on all your acreage. Top Ag is here to keep you at peak production. Our agronomy team can advise you on precision services, variable-rate technology, and the right tools to fit your needs.

Our Precision Services:

  • Soil Testing and Mapping
  • Variable Rate Prescriptions
  • AGMRI and Drone Scouting
  • Tissue Testing
  • Climate Fieldview


All farmers know that high yields are driven by quality seed and high performing genetics. That’s why our agronomy team consults with national seed experts and conducts local trials to determine the best hybrids and varieties for each of your fields. Buy, treat, and deliver your seed with Top Ag.

Let us work alongside you to plan a seed selection strategy that delivers the highest yields from the brands you know and trust.

Our seed selection includes:

  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Alfalfa
  • Specialty Crops (Small Seed)
  • Cover Crops
  • Non-GMO (Conventional) Crops


Farming is a costly business. Our competitive financing options allow you to make improvements to your farm operation while having enough working capital for your day-to-day needs. Top Ag offers competitive and flexible financing for our customers. No matter your situation, our in-house financing team will work with you to discuss options and find a financial solution that best serves your needs.

Contact Our Team

Are you interested in learning how Top Ag’s agronomy services can benefit you and your farming operations? Our team spans southwestern Illinois and is available to answer your questions and help find a solution for you.