Precision Agriculture

Precision Services

Top Ag’s precision agriculture services use today’s rapidly advancing technologies to help maximize yield and productivity for our customers across southwestern Illinois. Combining our precision services with more traditional agronomics, we enable you to determine what is best for your operation. We have the hardware, software, and expertise to recommend variable-rate technology and precision farming services that best fit you and your operations.

From soil testing and variable-rate prescriptions to AGMRI, tissue testing, and more, our agronomy team continually invests in equipment and training to be at the forefront of sustainable agriculture. Create a custom program and see how you can maximize every acre while preserving your legacy.

Soil Testing and Mapping

Quality grain starts with quality soil. Understanding the makeup of your soil is critical to your nutrient management program. Using GPS positioning and digital imagery, our soil testing helps identify nutrient deficiencies in your soil, and our team can create customized nutrient programs for your fields.

Through our plant and yield mapping services, we can gather exact information regarding your fields’ characteristics. This information can help you make informed decisions based on these precise data points that can increase crop production and sustainability.

Variable Rate Prescriptions

Utilizing variable-rate technology (VRT), soil mapping, and yield data analysis, our precision ag team can develop a variable-rate prescription to treat any soil type. Whether you need to apply different amounts of seed, fertilizer, or other inputs to your field, this technology helps optimize your application process and limit the overuse of agronomy products. This precision can also lead to cost savings and give you insights into improving your yield, especially in areas that may be underperforming.

AgMRI and Drone Scouting

Satellite and aerial imaging give farmers a better glimpse at what’s going on in the field. Collect real-time data from your fields and surrounding areas and arrange your operations according to your insights. Our precision agriculture team at Top Ag can help give you an in-depth analysis to detect issues and identify growth opportunities.

With AgMRI and Drone Scouting, you can monitor:

  • Stand Counts
  • Diseases
  • Weeds
  • Wet Spots
  • Temperature Profiles
  • Premature Death

Tissue Testing

Another monitoring tool our customers take advantage of is tissue testing. Tissue testing provides accurate and real-time information on the nutrient levels of your crops and can also identify and prevent damage and disease. Track the nutrient status of your plants, measure the flow of nutrients, and detect unseen deficiencies before visual symptoms appear.

Farmer putting a soil sample into a paper bag for it to be tested
Photo is used with permission and property of WinField United.

Climate FieldView

Collect and store data all in one place with Climate FieldView. Gain insights into the productivity and profitability of every acre when you gather information such as:

  • In-Season Images
  • Weather
  • Planting
  • Spraying
  • Soil Sampling
  • Harvest
  • Fertilizer

Contact Our Precision Agriculture Team

Explore the latest in precision technology with help from the precision agriculture team at Top Ag. Our experts can advise you on strategies to help you maximize your productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Grow your field and your opportunities. Speak with a member of our team to map out your customized solution.