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Agronomy Products for Sustainable Growth

Enhance your soil health and the quality of your crops with personalized agronomic solutions from Top Ag. Our lineup of agronomy products promotes optimal growth and development from planting to harvest. We will work with you to create a program and application schedule to fit your needs.

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Plant and Soil Nutrition

Balanced fertility and nutrient availability are critical to maximizing production. Giving your soil the proper nutrients significantly impacts the growth of your crops. We partner with quality suppliers to provide essential fertility and products to protect plant nutrients to maximize yield and reduce damage or disease.

Browse top brands and fertilizer products that help ensure your crops receive all the nutrients they need to succeed.

Our Seed Selection

Growth and development start with seed. Selecting quality seeds impacts the success of your crop and can affect critical factors such as germination rates, plant vigor, disease resistance, and yield potential. Our agronomists work with farmers throughout the region on a seed selection strategy to choose hybrids and varieties for their specific growing conditions and operation needs. We also advise on proper planting techniques to ensure optimal growth and nutrition intake.

Top Brands for Your Favorite Crop

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  • Wheat
  • Alfalfa
  • Specialty Crops (Small Seed)
  • Cover Crops
  • Non-GMO (Conventional) Crops
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5550 is a no-miss variety. Year after year, it’s at the top of our plots, including SILAGE PLOTS. Recently taking 2nd place in the Top Ag yield contest, 5550 gets up and goes out of the ground, a girthy ear with excellent test weight that stands like an oak tree. Plant at medium to high populations and, if possible, keep off the lighter producing acre.


An exciting hybrid that will chase yield on the better acre. High response to nitrogen (good two pass nitrogen option). A low to medium population is recommended. This hybrid will flex. Fungicide is highly recommended to maximize yield potential. 5760 is stacked with the trecepta trait, giving you great corn earworm protection. Plant where your landlord can see!

CP3920E (Winpak)

For two years in a row, 3920 has taken 3rd place in our Top Ag plots with yields of 77 and 85.5 bushels per acre. Emergence and Standability are second to none while maintaining that high yield potential across all yield environments. If you want to win a yield contest, 3920 is a no-brainer.


4521 is a medium-tall plant with excellent emergence and standability. The plant health of this soybean makes it a broad-acre yielder. It has an acceptable disease score with tolerance to FELS, SDS, and SSC, which makes it suitable for managing nematode-prone acres

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Yield Chaser Hybrid! 66-18 is no stranger to the yield book, with three top 5 finishes in the last three years across the Southern Illinois territory. Starting from the ground up, 66-18 has excellent early-season vigor with unmatched roots and stalk strength. Its semi-flex ear allows for increased population while maintaining that late-season green appearance. Keep off the lighter acre and manage disease pressure with a fungicide.

DKC 117-78 VT2PRIB

Exceptional yield performance across all soil types. 117-78 offers excellent root and stalk strength with a relaxed leaf structure, shading the rows quickly for maximum weed control. Consider fungicides to manage fungal diseases and help maximize grain fill and late-season appearance.

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39XF3 is a broad acre bean with the stress tolerance to go anywhere. Flies out of the ground with a canopy like a Christmas tree, 39XF3 will shade the ground for the ultimate weed control while maintaining excellent standability. Plant it in early April or late May, and watch it put money in your pocket.


A new soybean to the Asgrow 4.0 lineup. Expect a yield comparison equal to its counterparts 40XF1 and 39XF3. As we are still learning about this bean, the potential is very strong, with just a few watchouts to consider. Keep off the lightest acres and avoid phytophthora-prone acres.

Crop Protection

Pests, disease, and other environmental factors can negatively impact crops’ quality and yield. Top Ag offers the leading crop protection products to help you maximize your yield potential. By selecting herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and more, our agronomists employ the latest technology along with traditional farming practices to suggest the right agronomy products to eliminate threats to your crops.

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Crop Protection Products

See what we have to offer in terms of crop protection. We carry the brands you trust, recommended by experts who know you and the area you farm.

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Plant Health

Plant health is vital to high-yielding crops. We can provide you with the expertise to maintain and improve the well-being of your crops. Our wide range of products can serve multiple purposes, from enhancing growth and productivity to protecting against diseases and environmental stresses.  

Custom Application

Our precision ag specialists can also map out a custom application plan to ensure proper timing and distribution of your crop protection. With real-time updates and tailored solutions based on considerations such as crop type, size, and location, our data gives farmers a better understanding of the health of their crops. These insights lead to better utilization of protection products and more sustainable farming practices.  

  • Dry Fertilizer Spreading
  • NH3 Application
  • Lime Spreading
  • Aerial Application
  • Crop Protection Application

Learn More About Our Products

We have locations throughout Southwestern Illinois. Contact one of our agronomy specialists today to learn more about our product offerings and how we can create a customized plan to suit you best. Whether you have a small or large operation, let us help you enhance how you farm with agronomy products that will keep you growing for generations.